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The WIH Resource Group Team offers unique qualifications and experience needed to provide the full range of waste management consulting, technical research and development services required to successfully complete integrated waste management and recycling consulting projects.  

The WIH Resource Group team has worked with hundreds of municipalities, multiple jurisdictional solid waste authorities and private sector clients throughout the United States to evaluate, plan, improve financials and operations, assess and improve their regulatory compliance and management throughout their individual organizations.

Below is a sample of the variety of services we provide:

WIH Resource Group, Inc. 

P.O. Box 74873

Phoenix, Arizona 85087

Ph - 480.241.9994

  • Alternative Fuel Solutions

  • Customer Satisfaction Polls and Surveying

  • Expert Witness

  • M & A Services

  • Route Auditing and Optimization

  • Wasteshed Studies

  • Waste Savings

  • Advertising

  • Safety Audits and OSHA Compliance

  • Franchise Assessments and Implementation Services

  • Cost of Service Studies