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When confronted with a solid waste challenge, WIH Resource Group can help find a creative, innovative, practical transportation and disposal solution for you.   Across North America and Internationally, WIH offers extensive experience in Wastebyrail that we offer to cities, counties, states, companies, manufacturers and others dealing with everything from landfill closures to toxic waste spills.  

The WIH Team has a proven and extensive record of providing project management oversight (facilitation) for landfill & WastebyRail and facility designs, WastebyRail Programs, fixed and rolling stock equipment procurement, development of specifications to insure the design proposals are cost effective, accommodate local styles and architecture, and offer value added features.  Some of the value added features include assessments that landfills & WastebyRail designs are functional and are tailored for our clients’ specific operations and budget. 

Our prior and current clients include both public agencies and private sector with transfer facilities that process between 400 and 6,000 tons per day including several WastebyRail intermodal facilities. This includes facilities with a range of load out techniques including top load with bucket loaders or overhead grapples into gondola rail cars, lift-and-load intermodal container, partially depressed loading, full tunnels and rear loading preload compactors.

Working closely with the railroads, site clean-up projects are carefully coordinated to meet client deadlines.  WIH Resource Group works with a wide range of both the Class One Railroads and short line railroads for the transportation and logistics management, rail car leasing companies for rail cars, and a host of large disposal companies with rail served sites that own and operate landfills that are either Subtitle C or D permitted.   

Partner landfills accept a variety of waste streams including non-hazardous oilfield waste (non DOW), non-hazardous Industrial solid waste, special waste, commercial waste, domestic and municipal solid waste and hazardous wastes (Subtitle C site only). 

In addition, WIH Resource Group conducts feasibility studies for clients interested in Wastebyrail programs that may be unsure as to whether shipping waste by rail is economically viable.

WastebyRail Infrastructure & Equipment Components

A wide range of equipment is necessary for insuring a successful WastebyRail program. 

The following list of equipment is provided to depict the types of equipment necessary

as well as its purpose in the operations that WIH Resource Group will develop equipment

specifications for procuring as requested by clients.  

This list of equipment does not include basic WastebyRail and landfill operating equipment. 

It assumes existing working transfer stations and landfill are operational and possess

the necessary basic equipment to sustain operations, independent of a WastebyRail program.  Therefore such things like truck scales, front end loaders, landfill compactors, etc. are not included in this list of equipment, however WIH’s team can provide support in this area as well, both in specifying equipment and procuring it for clients.

Of critical importance is to note that most of this equipment requires redundancy (backup) or duplicate equipment to prevent system downtime that could result from primary equipment being out of service.  Some of the equipment is considered optional, however they are highly recommended for improving operational efficiencies and reducing transportation costs.  Here is a short list of some of the equipment necessary and some of which are optional for a successful WastebyRail program:

Railroad Cars - Gondolas or Flatcars (for intermodal containers);

  • Grinders

  • Shredders

  • Preload Compactors

  • Railroad Track (Sidings, Loop Tracks or Spurs)

  • Intermodal Containers (if needed)

  • Chassis (Container Trailers)

  • Yard Tractors (Hostler Tractors or “Yard Goats”)

  • Container Handlers – Top Picks (aka Reach Stackers) or Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTGs)

  • Switch Engines & Track mobiles;

  • Trailer Tippers

  • Landfill Rotary Gondolas Tippers (as needed)

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