Waste Savings, Inc. (WSI) is a subsidiary of WIH Resource Group

WSI specializes in providing solid waste collection cost reduction, waste audits, waste characterization studies, sustainable recycling program development and / or improvement, waste disposal auditing, landfill cost avoidance, education and outreach and related cost reduction analysis for various types of clients that generate waste who want to reduce their costs and increase recycling.

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With WSI services, clients have realized between 5% and 40% cost savings, along with improved recycling and waste diversion rates.

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Copyright ©  WIH Resource Group, Inc.. All rights reserved.

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Typical clients include: apartment complexes, retail strip malls, hospitals, commercial businesses, grocery stores as well as industrial manufacturers.

WSI also provide “bundled” solutions to municipalities (Cities, Counties and other Jurisdictions) to assist them in developing sustainable recycling and waste management programs and resources for their local businesses and industrial waste generators. WSI Staff have developed a multi-step process for evaluating and improving our client's waste management costs and improving or implementing sustainable recycling programs for them.

WSI pays particular attention and places a special focus on identifying areas for reducing costs and establishing permanent recycling collection programs where they currently do not exist to encourage recycling that creates greater waste diversion from collection and disposal, resulting in lower costs to our clients.

The company’s staff began working with clients in early 2005, and has already reduced costs for a wide range of various sized businesses and municipalities. WSI currently works with clients throughout North America and globally.

​​Waste Savings, Inc. (WSI) develops client-specific solutions that assist our Clients in producing less waste, paying less to have it collected, transported, processed and disposed of, as well as develop sustainable recycling program efforts.

In conducting our initial facility evaluations for Clients, WSI pays particular attention and places a special focus on identifying areas for reducing costs and adding value, not only in waste management services, but environmental compliance and enhancing existing programs or establishing permanent recycling collection programs where they currently do not exist. 

In addition to basic waste and recycling management services, WSI and its teaming partners, can offer additional services to Clients in response to a more a holistic environmental management services approach including Environmental Management Planning, Audits and Assessments.

Commercial and industrial clients benefit from WSI’s commitment to minimizing the impact on operations and maximize the profitability of their environmental activities. 

WSI’s knowledge of environmental regulations; credibility with the regulatory community; consistency in reporting procedures and familiarity with established and emerging technologies make our company a reliable environmental partner.

What makes Waste Savings, Inc. unique among our competitors is that all of our professional staff previously held senior management positions with some of the largest publicly traded solid waste service providers in North America.  As a result, we share our first-hand knowledge with WSI clients to reduce waste management costs.

Waste Audits

Frequently, when working with new Clients, Waste Savings, Inc. will conduct a waste audit. This entails analyzing a customer’s current waste volume and habits to look for ways to streamline their collection services, make things work more efficiently, and save money. Basically we review what they are throwing away, and how.

As part of the waste audit, customers provide information about the contents of their waste stream, a copy of their current contract and access to their facilities so we can do the analysis.

As a result of the audit, WSI often finds that there are items in the waste stream that can be recycled, which could create cost savings for the Client. The assessment also helps determine which Waste Savings Services would best fit the needs of the Client.

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