The Challenge

Municipalities across the country are seeking ways to modify their solid waste & recycling collection systems to increase efficiency, minimize environmental and social impacts, and comply with state regulations calling for increased diversion rates. The WIH Resource Group team offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to solid waste management, which adds value regardless of what stage a municipality is at.
As one of the leading environmental firms, WIH Resource Group and their meaningful partners, bring extensive expertise and experience to benefit our clients.

WIH Resource Group's team understands the benefits and challenges of franchise and contract systems for waste and recycling collections.

What We Offer

Baseline Assessment
We access current solid waste collection systems using a quantitative approach

to evaluate costs and impacts (such as greenhouse gas emissions associated with

vehicle miles traveled and overall costs and revenue requirements of the current

system). As part of the baseline assessment the WIH team models future conditions

under different scenarios including changes to recycling rates and collection of organics.

Alternatives Assessment
The WIH team engages with key stakeholders to learn about the unique priorities of a given community and to develop creative alternatives that align with these priorities. We will follow an interactive and iterative process that maximizes the likelihood of acceptance of the selected waste management approach.

Environmental Documents Preparation
Our team uses our experience in solid waste management approaches and our knowledge gained from site-specific baseline and alternative assessments to prepare required environmental documents.

Public Outreach
We assist with public outreach needs throughout the life of the project.

Procurement and Implementation Assistance
Our team provides the following procurement support for the municipalities we work for:

  • Development of requests for proposals (RFP) organized in a manner that facilitates evaluation of submittals.

  • Evaluation of proposals using a structured approach that provides transparency and defensibility.

  • Contract development and negotiations including strategic planning, facilitation, and development of contract terms.

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