WIH Resource Group offers specialized environmental health and safety services.  Members of WIH’s team are Certified Safety Professionals offering a full range of partnership safety assistance. 

WIH’s Consultants are experienced in conducting safety audits, reviewing areas as diverse as management planning, budgeting, compliance, and benchmarking against other companies in similar SIC codes. At our client’s option, audits may encompass the following areas: 

  • Federal, state, and local safety regulations  

  • Client specific procedures and programs 

  • Applicable industry standards

  • Safety programs are customized to meet the client’s organizational needs 

WIH Safety Compliance Services will help train managers and employees in awareness and injury/accident prevention activities.  WIH’s team will assist clients in how to recognize hazards within their business, ensure regulatory compliance, and follow industry standards.  

Fleet Safety – WIH has comprehensive expertise designing fleet safety programs for solid waste collections and long-haul trucking companies. WIH has experience in evaluating and predicting losses by reviewing current operations and past data and helps clients proactively identify drivers with high-risk patterns. This allows clients to take corrective actions by implementing driver management program or conducting route observations, which will control unsafe behavior before an accident occurs.  

WIH assist clients in developing safe fleet operational procedures to prevent vehicle accidents and reduce operating costs. Focus areas include:  

  • Dispatching methods 

  • Operational upset conditions 

  • Backing 

  • Speed management 

  • Blind spot education programs 

  • Turning approaches 

  • Driver hiring and training 

  • Driver retention 

  • Driver wellness programs 

  • Accident avoidance techniques 

WIH’s driver-training programs are designed to shape and form driver’s behaviors and attitudes.  

Safety Manuals & Procedures – WIH’s team is experienced in developing customized industry and facility specific training materials, safety manuals, handbooks, and operating procedures. We have a proven track record of developing safety materials that are easily understood and smoothly incorporated into daily operations.


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