Waste Collection Routing Software Technology
WIH Resource Group works with its partners to provide software technology that is automated and designed primarily to support solid waste and recycling collection services.  

The software application will generate efficient vehicle routes for solid waste collection over a street network, and can also be used for street cleaning, newspaper / postal delivery, and other applications that require an arc-routing solution with side constraints.

Our Partner's Collection Vehicle Routing Software
Technology offers comprehensive routing software and end-to-end efficiency tools tailored to the needs of specific industries with a strong focus on immediate and long-term directly measurable return on investment (ROI).  The route optimization software is suitable for waste collection that supports multiple lines of business including commercial (Front Load), Residential and Roll-Off (Industrial) collections.

WIH's routing solutions technology partner's software is designed to approach routing the way you would route manually. This design philosophy produces routes that are immediately usable in the field. After all, hitting the ground running is the ultimate test of success for route optimization software.

Higher Productivity and Lower Operating Costs
WIH Resource Group Clients can realize higher productivity gains and lower operational costs than alternatives along with the reduction in hauling onroute collection costs, disposal costs and capital costs. 

Savings opportunities can be realized by reducing miles driven, hours spent, reduction in the number of vehicles required and reduction in total disposal cost. WIH's waste and recycling collection routing software solutions integrate a product suite for the waste industry and also provides for other opportunities like dynamic dispatching, real-time vehicle tracking and planned verses actual comparison, thus providing increased operational excellence.

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Waste and Recycling Collection Route Auditing and Optimization

Whether you want to optimize solid waste or recycling collection routes for a fleet of 5 trucks or 150, need routing for high density areas or point-to-point collection, WIH Resource Group provides both routing software tools as well as Field Route Auditors that can perform manual route audits that make on-route waste collection and dispatch operations both efficient and cost-effective. 

These tools eliminate hours spent on manual routing, maximize productivity, optimize equipment and staff allocations, and allow you to gain better control over your operations.

In addition, WIH Resource Group provides independent software service provider analysis.  In other words, if you are trying to determine the best mix of software and on-board hardware technology, WIH Resource Group can assist you in performing a Technology Assessment Study
aimed and evaluating and identifying major providers of the most relevant technology to meet your specific goals, objectives and needs in collection vehicle routing, GIS, GPS, on-board computer, real time collection vehicle tracking, fleet management, routing software or other industry technologies. 


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