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Tom Kraemer, P.E., M.S., B.S., Senior Advisor - Landfill Gas Management Engineer

Mr. Kraemer is a landfill gas management engineer with extensive experience throughout North America.  Tom is a registered engineer in California and Washington, and has worked in the solid waste management field for over 30 years.  Tom previously was with CH2M HILL since 1986, leading the firm’s landfill gas management practice. 

Over the past decade, he has increasingly focused on organic waste management, designing and building organics processing and biogas-to-energy facilities and analyzing alternatives for facility owners.  Tom left CH2M HILL briefly from 2009 to 2011 to join a startup organic waste management company at which he was responsible for designing and building a digester plant processing municipal organics that is operating today. 

JULYAN LEE, Senior Advisor - Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Julyan Lee has over 20 years of experience in OCM.  Mr. Lee is a seasoned OCM practitioner with expertise in enabling large or small-scale strategic change initiatives to reach expected business value and projected outcomes.

Mr. Lee is recognized as a dynamic and outgoing leader with innovative ideas that provide effective solutions for his clients. His key strengths are his ability to engage and build relationships at the executive level and within the client’s organization in order to achieve stakeholder buy-in and remove roadblocks. He is a master communicator through multiple media, effective at every level of an organization. His wealth of experience spans several different industries including waste and recycling, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, municipal government and Higher Education to name a few. His expertise and passion helps deliver business transformation and enhanced performance.

Julyan is a true thought leader in his area of expertise. He has given Waste Management, Boeing, NASA, Gatorade, Association of Training and Development (ATD) amongst others, seminars on how to manage change better by focusing on tools that modify thinking and, consequently, modify behavior, increase performance, and reduce the adversarial approach in all interactions while improving creativity and innovation.  He led the internal OCM practice at Waste Management, Inc. In this role,Julyan provided oversight and guidance over several initiatives including waste / recycling collection fleet routing and logistics, financial management and technology related implementations. 

Ken is a USPAP certified and accredited appraiser and is also a Certified Personal Property Appraiser (CPPA).  He has over 20 years of successful property appraisal and equipment valuation experience with clients throughout the United States.

His experience includes appraisals and inventories of waste and recycling equipment, medical equipment, construction equipment and a wide range of industrial and business equipment.  Ken also brings experience working in procurement and he has an in-depth knowledge of asset inventory control and accounting.  Every appraisal and valuation Ken
conducts is done with extensive valuation experience.  Ken provides detailed appraisal and valuation reports that follow USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).  His reports provide supporting documentation and images as needed for clients. 

Mr. Fancolly also has extensive experience in designing, coordinating and conducting fixed asset inventories and tracking systems. In addition, Ken conducts various appraisal methods including Fair Market Valuations (FMVs), Liquidation Valuations, and replacement / historical costs.  He is very knowledgeable about the ramifications ofSarbanes Oxley and GASB 34 as they relate to a company’s asset ledger and valuation reporting requirements.


Lloyd B. Andrew III, CIH, CSP - Senior Advisor, Safety

Lloyd B. Andrew III is the President and owner of EnvirOSH Services, Inc. (EnvirOSH).  Lloyd formed EnvirOSH Services, Inc. in August 1999. Through his efforts, the company has grown into a dynamic, successful, expanding, and highly sought after occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental consulting and auditing company.

Prior to forming EnvirOSH, Mr. Andrew served in various capacities with Browning Ferris Industries (BFI) from 1990 to 1999 and last served as the Corporate Vice President of Organization and Development for BFI.   Under his leadership, he effectively controlled the accident and injury costs of a $98 million risk management budget.  His team lowered operating expenses by transferring ESH responsibility and accountability to operational personnel at plant locations; 20% staff reduction. He also initiated the first integration of the Environmental Management program and the Safety and Health program into an ESH program, capitalizing on the strengths of each service; adopted company-wide.

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Brian McAllister,  Senior Technical Advisor in Landfill Operations, Safety and a Legal Expert Witness

Brian brings WIH Resource Group’s clients more than 33 years of experience and expertise in from his “hands-on” experience working for several Fortune 500 companies, including senior level management positions with Allied Waste.  He has in-depth expertise and brings this broad base of experience to our clients.  His robust industry experience, coupled with his functional senior leadership and expertise in landfill operations, safety, and landfill management, is a valuable asset to the WIH Resource Group team and its Clients.

Brian has designed environmental, safety, and operational processes and programs for landfills and trailer tipper operations for centralized corporations, decentralized 
corporations and individual plant locations. He has a proven track record of developing effective safety and operations programs. 

Brian helps companies design and improve their landfill operations, safety programs, 
and landfill operational processes. His experience and technical skills save clients time and money by avoiding the learning curve.  Because of his broad base and varied industry experience, he has developed an ability to quickly identify which approach will work within a company’s culture. He's also authored several policy and procedures manuals on landfill tipper operations, landfill safety and best management practices for Allied Waste, private sector clients, and public sector agencies alike.
Don Swierenga, Senior Advisor

Mr. Swierenga is an industry senior level executive veteran having joined Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) in 1981 upon graduation from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI with a B.A. in Business Administration.    Don began his career in the waste and recycling industry having financed his college education working for Browning Ferris Industries (BFI) as a Helper / Driver.  He held various positions of increasing responsibility during his tenure with BFI including Safety Manager, Operations Manager and District Manager for BFI's Chicago operations.   Don went on to represent BFI internationally in South America, Western Europe and the former Soviet Union in various capacities.  In 1996, Don was recruited to join Allied Waste (now known as Republic Services) in with $170 million in annual revenues.  Don helped drive the growth of Allied to $5.5 billion in revenues over 10 years with a focus primarily on integration of significant acquisitions.  Don departed Allied Waste at the merger with Republic Services in 2006 following twenty-five years within the waste services industry.  Since then, Don has been involved with various projects  both within the waste industry as well as other out of industry significant turn-around ventures with great success.

Don is a visionary in strategic business planning, acquisitions, operations, sales and all facets of the waste and recycling industry.  Over the course of his 25 years in the industry, Mr. Swierenga has been relied on by both governmental entities and private sector clients throughout North America as a senior level executive overseeing many of the largest waste collection operations, transfer stations, MRFs and landfills.  A comprehensive list of his experience is available upon request. 


MICHAEL LEONARD, P.E., M.S., B.S., Senior Advisor – Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Engineer

Mr. Leonard is a solid and hazardous waste management engineer with extensive experience throughout North, Central and South America.  Mike is a registered engineer in California, Illinois, 
Arizona and Hawaii.  His experience includes design, permitting, and construction management / CQA for subsurface gas migration and landfill gas control, Class I, II and Class lll landfills Superfund and Radioactive Waste Sites. During his over 30 years working in the waste management arena, Mike has authored and presented over 25 technical papers, pioneered a safer technique for subsurface gas migration controls at Los Angeles schools, been active in SWANA and SWANA Committees, co-developed new methodology for landfill settlement predictions and co-developed improved techniques for static and seismic stability analyses of waste masses.  Mike was previously with SCS Engineers then Tetra Tech until 2014.  While with Tetra Tech, he helped lead the strategic growth of their landfill engineering and landfill gas management practice throughout the U.S. and Canada.  He has also provided regulatory negotiations and served as both a technical and expert witness in support of various legal matters and projects.

​our team and statement of qualifications

WIH Resource Group has assembled a dedicated team of industry expert consultants that bring an extensive breadth of experience to its clients.  WIH's Team excels in all technical areas and practical issues relating to problem solving for its clients, while also providing a unique understanding of the key issues and alternative solutions.  

Our reputation for excellent client service is well established, having performed more than 1,100 consulting engagements since the firm's inception in 2005.  WIH has developed long-term relationships with its clients. Approximately 70% of our work is performed for repeat clients, some of whom WIH have worked with for more than a decade. WIH's track record, measured in terms of customer satisfaction, type of engagements and the number of repeat clients, demonstrates the firm's ability to consistently deliver high quality work products for its clients.
Jonathan Kiser, MBA, Senior Advisor

Mr. Kiser has more than 30 years of waste management and recycling experience working on behalf of public and private sector organizations, the federal government, and others on an international level.  Jonathan is a published author and has more than 80 publications relating to timely, technical environmental issues and has given more than 80 presentations/training sessions in public forums across the U.S., in Europe and Australia.  He received a Speaker’s Recognition Award from the ASME St. Louis Chapter, a Writer’s Excellence Award from Solid Waste & Power Magazine, and is a Research Associate with Columbia University in New York City.  Jonathan specializes in technical research, due diligence audits & quality assurance.  Click here to preview his Industry White Paper.

Reb Guthrie, Senior Advisor - Alternative Fuel Solutions for Fleets & Program Planning

Mr. Guthrie is a Principal and co-founder of Fuel Solutions Inc. He has managed most of the projects performed by company since its inception, including the assessment, specification, development and installation of CNG fueling stations for more than 40 municipalities, transit authorities, counties, school districts and federal agencies.  Mr. Guthrie’s recent project-management work includes providing lead technical consulting to the Los Angeles County MTA in the procurement of a $40+ million public/private-partnership contract for the construction and long-term operation of five MTA bus-operating divisions.

Michelle Nicholls, M.B.A., Senior Associate, Zero Waste, Strategic Planning, Policy & Outreach

Ms. Nicholls has over 15 years of diverse experience in program design and implementation.  She works with both municipalities and private industry in a variety of solid waste management elements, including policy-making, strategic planning, feasibility studies, program development and support, economic analysis, forecasting, and public involvement.  She is recognized in the solid waste industry through presentations at numerous conferences and publication of articles. Her project portfolio encompasses many aspects of sustainable program development, including diversion program analysis and planning; system-wide solid waste management and financial plans; technical assistance and compliance; program design, implementation, and monitoring; waste characterization studies; waste generation analysis and projections; financial analysis of solid waste services; disposal alternatives analysis; and stakeholder collaboration.

Chris Bell, C.P.A., Senior Associate - Financial & Operational Analyst

Mr. Bell is a Certified Public Accountant practicing in the field of integrated solid waste management with an emphasis in the financial analysis and operational evaluation of solid waste and recycling collection systems.  He has assisted numerous public and private entities with setting collection rates, program implementation, financial and performance audits, planning, franchise reporting, and systems analysis. Prior to solid waste consulting, Mr. Bell served as Assistant Divisional Controller for Waste Management of Oregon.  His responsibilities were the monthly financial close, budgeting, reconciliation, reporting, operational performance analysis, audit preparation, and annual franchise reporting for three separate collection companies and two transfer stations.

Bob Wallace, M.B.A., President & Founder

Bob Wallace founded WIH Resource Group, Inc. in 2005 after having last served as Director of Transportation & Logistics for Waste Management Inc. (WM). He holds a B.A. from Washington State University and an M.B.A. in Managerial Leadership from City University. Bob brings WIH Resource Group clients more than 28 years of operational strategy and improvement expertise in the waste management, recycling, transportation and alternative fuels sectors.  His robust industry experience, coupled with his functional expertise in strategy, logistics, and operational and financial management of waste, recycling, and collection programs is a valuable asset to the WIH team and its clients.

Bob has deep expertise in the areas of strategic business planning, collection operations, financial analysis, disposal, procurement, transportation rate and contract negotiations, as well as conducting operational performance assessments for waste & recycling collection programs.  He is a subject matter expert on transfer stations, landfill management / operations & WastebyRail program development, implementation and operations.  Wallace is an expert witness for legal matters involving waste management & transportation, including cases involving personal injuries, transfer stations, landfills, garbage trucks, and waste compactors.  He has provided litigation support and served as an expert witness for a variety of cases for both plaintiffs and defendants since 2006 for cases throughout North America. Bob is an expert in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z245 Standards for Waste & Recycling operations and safety that apply to all facets of the industry.

He has authored and been featured in more than 30 industry publications and co-authored the book “Solid Waste Rate Setting and Financing” for the American Public Works Association (APWA). Bob has a strong track record of leading significant operational improvements and developing business strategies both within organizations and now as an industry consultant. In the past two decades he has successfully managed, delivered and completed over 1,000 waste, recycling, transportation, and fleet management projects serving as Project Manager.  He has extensive experience working with clients to improve underperforming business units and organizations in both the private and public sectors.