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Addressing the complex issues that can erode operational performance is one of the biggest—and most important—challenges organizations face today.  WIH Resource Group is a valuable partner in optimizing the contributions a company’s operations make to the top and bottom lines.

WIH's Operational Performance Review, referred to as the
OPA, is an operational efficiency audit – a technical review – of your operations – waste / recycling collections, landfills, recycling facilities, MRF operations as well as your fleet management. It provides you with a practical evaluation of what’s working and what’s not.

How the OPA works

We evaluate your operations from top to bottom, reviewing your equipment, fleet maintenance, labor utilization, facility layout, productivity, safety, litter control, etc.  If it’s part of your operations, we assess it for you.

Then we measure the productivity of the individual activities using our proprietary operations and financial analysis models and proformas.

We present our findings and recommendations to you in a detailed report that provides step by step instructions on how to improve your operation and how those improvements translate into savings for your bottom line.

Operational Performance Assessment (OPA) is a business improvement process developed by WIH Resource Group (WIH) that offers organizations, in both public and private sectors, the opportunity to benchmark and evaluate their current operational processes, identify areas of opportunity for efficiency and productivity improvements, and develop management programs that foster an increased environment of accountability among front line managers, supervisors, fleet managers, drivers, operators and other key positions of impact to the bottom line.

The WIH Team works alongside our clients’ staff in establishing and developing protocols to achieve newly established (and mutually agreed upon) goals.  The
OPA was developed and has been refined to meet the following objectives:

Implementing permanent tools, processes, standard operating procedures, and best practices that will improve productivity;
Creating productivity improvement plans that will roll-up to exceed their current productivity plans and targets;
Developing specific plans that empower their front-line managers to positively influence employees’ behavior, improve work culture, drive productivity improvements through improved communications and provide accountability;
Improving the quality of WIH’s clients’ revenue through efficiency audits on a customer by customer level to obtain improvement to Operating Margin (Yield), and/or return on capital.

The OPA Key Areas of Focus

Safety – Assessment of adherence to safety policies and / or need to update safety programs
Facilities / Sites – Layout, traffic flow, design, expansion opportunities
People – How are the human resources managed and their productivity
Fleet Management – How are the capital resources managed
Operations – Route Audits and Productivity / Overall operational efficiencies scoring
Financials – Current and future opportunities to positively impact the P&L
Customers - Local market conditions and growth opportunities

WIH Resource Group realizes our client’s needs are multi-dimensional and that they have to be examined with a “systems” perspective. Best practice solutions aren’t found by looking at one piece of the puzzle.  Success is achieved by making sure that each system component works well with the rest of the system. It’s facilities, operating procedures, resource management, fleet maintenance, optimal use of technology, proper pricing of services as well as optimizing collection vehicle and operator performance measures.

OPA past results have yielded between 5% and 30% improvements for our clients in the areas of productivity and profitability, depending on the line of business, senior management support and the ability to positively influence staff and employee behavior.  WIH does not use a “cookie-cutter” approach and works together the Clients’ key stakeholders to provide specifically tailored solutions in the areas that are of most concern and that are mutually identified as areas of the greatest opportunity for improving the bottom line (profits) and cutting costs.  The OPA process brings tremendous benefits to our Clients’ solid waste operations and management team.

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