National Recycling Survey White Paper

2015 National Survey of U.S. Municipal Recycling Programs - This report is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2014 National Survey and provides the latest recycling and waste management program findings from communities across the U.S.  Revisited and updated topics include: community recycling rates, challenges faced by recycling and waste management program officials, and how the challenges are being addressed.  

Also addressed are insightful details pertaining to recycling program improvements, which programs are most effective in terms of increasing recycling participation, and which program areas still need the most help. Further, a comparison of 2014 and 2015 survey results is also included. 

As a special offer, the report includes the 2015 survey report in combination with the 2014 report, for one low price.  Report findings are packed into 27 exhibits, 22 figures, and descriptive support text. 
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Phoenix - Tucson Arizona Waste Shed Study White Paper

WIH Resource Group, Inc. (WIH) conducted research and developed a Regional Waste Shed Study / White Paper to evaluate the current and future market-place needs for a proposed landfill disposal facility to be located in Pinal County Arizona, centrally located to both the Cities of Phoenix and Tucson Arizona.  

This Waste Shed Study provides an understanding of active landfills and transfer stations that are currently being used and also evaluates the potential for them to send waste to the Pinal County Landfill based on factors such as pricing, transportation costs and existing contracts.

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Waste Management, Recycling, Waste Collection, Transfer Stations, Landfills, Alternative Fuels & Wasteshed Studies White Papers

Transfer Station "Right Sizing"

Solid Waste Transfer Station “Right Sizing” determines the right fit for you, selecting the building and site layout that best works for your operation, and custom designing it to your needs.

Normally, most questions that come to mind when you think about right sizing relate to the size of the building. Think about this from a slightly different perspective.  Shouldn’t right sizing really be about creating the total design and layout that is most cost effective?

This Article addresses Facility “Right Sizing” and Design Cost

Factors and Considerations and a range of other critical factors.

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Fleet Maintenance & Best Management Practices (BMPs)

In order to best determine what improvements may be needed for a fleet, an examination of the fleet’s  management, maintenance programs, vehicle replacement schedules, accounting methods, parts inventory management, procurement and a whole host of other critical areas—all of which affect the cost of operating the fleet—is needed.

This Article is based on WIH Resource Group's Experience in Fleet Management from a "real world" working perspective.

Benchmarking and establishing best management practices, allows fleet maintenance and management to develop a baseline from which improvement goals can be established.

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Waste and Recycling Collection Vehicle Routing Optimization

Route optimization affects all aspects of a solid waste and/or recycling collection service provider organization. Efficient and cost-effective fleet and resource management through planning is the most important step in enhancing an organization’s bottom line.

Based on WIH Resource Group's Industry Experience and Research, this Article highlights how Route Optimization refers to choosing the best element from some set of available alternatives.  Rebalancing routes for reducing hours and miles, it involves improving fleet and manpower productivity and profitability.
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Alternative Fuels (CNG, LNG and Biodiesel) in Refuse Collection Vehicles

The White Paper was developed by WIH Resource Group, Inc. (WIH) and was created from industry research and analysis of the current use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Biodiesel (B20) in refuse (municipal solid waste – MSW) collection vehicles by both public sector agencies and private sector service providers throughout the United States. 

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