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Publications & Featured Articles

The following are publications and articles that WIH Resource Group Staff either wrote, co-authored or were interviewed and featured in for international and national trade publications and books.  Click on the Article title to view it.

Getting On Track
Waste360 │ March 2004

Is Rail Haul Heading For the Mainline?
MSW Management Magazine │ December 2005

Emerging Trends Include Rail,

Governments Acting Like Business - 2006 in Review
Solid Waste Report │ January 2007

Solid Waste Rate Setting and Financing Guide

American Public Works Association (APWA) Press │ August 2007

Recycling in the Dumps

Oakland Tribune │ November 2008

Experts Available to Discuss Europe Finds Clean Energy in Trash, but U.S. Lags.

Energy Weekly News │ April 2010

Making the Grade?
Waste360 │ August 2010
Fleet Maintenance and Best Management Practices
Waste Advantage Magazine │ October 2010

Debate on Privatization of Municipal Waste
American Recycler News │ June 2011

Industry Trends: Recycling/Landfills/Transfer Stations

Waste Advantage Magazine │ August 2011

Industry Trends: 2012 Year in Review

Waste Advantage Magazine │ January 2013

Enhancing Your Bottom Line: Waste and Recycling Collection Vehicle Routing Optimization

Waste Advantage Magazine │ January 2013

Natural Gas-Power Refuse Truck Use Flourishes in the U.S.

American Recycler News │ August 2013

In the Spotlight: The City of Juneau, AK’s Waste Management Department: Staying Ahead of the Game

Waste Advantage Magazine │ December 2014

Industry Trends: Recycling / Landfills / Trans Recycling/Landfills/Transfer Stations
Waste Advantage Magazine │ August 2014

Software technology reduces fuel costs for refuse trucks
American Recycler News │ September 2014

Maintenance: What Should You Consider?

Waste Advantage Magazine │ December 2014

Haulers Beginning to Embrace Route Optimization Tools
Waste 360│ January 2015

Running on Organics

Renewable Energy from Waste │ April 2015

The Economic Geography of Landfill Capacity

American Recycler News│ June 2015

Converting RCVs to Natural Gas Fuel
Waste Management World │ May-June 2015