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If you are thinking about buying or selling a business, and/or if you need growth capital or are considering a succession plan for your business; CALL US… WE CAN HELP, we are experienced mergers and acquisitions professionals and we have decades of experience in helping companies through all types of transition, change and development.

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WIH Resource Group, Inc. is active in the environmental industry specializing in M&A transactional support, due diligence, project and management operations, documentation services, valuations, and acquistion search services with a specialty service niche in the waste and recycling industries.

Our services and performance in the M&A arena have included mergers and

acquisitions, transactional management projects, company appraisals and business

enterprise valuation services for both public agencies and private sector environmental

or waste management companies. 

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

WIH Resource Group advises and consults on a wide range of mergers and

acquisitions (M&A) services, and actively participates in transactional due diligence

and research projects associated with merger and acquisitions. 

Business, Assets and Facility Valuations
WIH Resource Group's Principals and Senior Advisors have been active in business,

assets and facility valuations for decades, performing business valuations within

many different industries. This extensive experience has helped us develop very efficient business valuation techniques.

Our skills and experience are particularly applicable to business mergers and acquisitions in the environmental industry, including landfill sales and acquisitions, buying and selling businesses that operate waste transfer stations, and mergers and acquisitions of both general freight and specialty transportation logistics firms.

Waste Transportation - Collection, Transfer, Wastebyrail and Barging
WIH Resource Group, Inc. Clients include several of the world’s largest shipping and waste transportation companies and many of the waste management collection, transfer and disposal companies that move waste materials long distances throughout North America.

The team of subject matter experts at WIH Resource Group have extensive experience in the transportation of all forms and types of waste and cargo materials including nuclear, hazardous, municipal solid waste (MSW), recyclables and remediated soils, other contaminated residuals and C&D wastes.

Business Brokerage Services
WIH Resource Group's team of M&A industry experts has over 50 years combined experience in brokering business sales, mergers, and acquisitions. We bring sellers and qualified buyers together, and move the sale of the business through to completion with expert due diligence, valuation, and highly skilled negotiation services.

Business and Facility Acquisitions

While the pace of economy can be challenging at times, the current economic situation presents many opportunities to grow via acquisition. WIH Resource Group is proud to represent businesses that present excellent opportunities for acquisition and expansion.