Waste Management, Safety, Recycling, Waste Collections, Transfer Station,  Landfill / Disposal, Transportation and Related Personal Injury Expert Witness Expertise Services

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Waste Management Industry Expert Witness Services

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In response to growing requests and inquiries from existing and potential clients for expert witnesses in the fields of waste management, recycling, MRF operations, environmental law, personal injury and multi-modal transportation / logistics, WIH offers expert witness services for clients in both the private and public sectors.  

WIH’s experienced staff will provide specialized expertise as expert witnesses for lawsuits, arbitrations and litigation for clients in the areas of environmental compliance, recycling services, safety, fleet management, waste management and transportation operations and related matters.  WIH's team of experts have served as expert witnesses on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in cases.

These specialized service offerings provide new and existing clients specialized expert witness services and include these additional areas of interest:

  • Waste management industry best practices and performance standards

  • Recycling Programs and Processes – both in collection and processing

  • Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) Operations and Processing Standard

  • ANSI Standards Applicability to Case

  • Transfer station and landfill operations

  • Personal Injury

  • OSHA Safety Matters

  • Garbage Truck Accidents

  • Expert witness services related to solid waste collection vehicles

  • Waste transfer trucking as well as general trucking

  • WastebyRail Services and Programs / Operations

  • Waste-by-Barge (Maritime) Transportation 

  • General case and contracts review

  • Document and deposition review

  • Facility (site) inspections

  • Contract review and due diligence

  • Facility and Assets Valuations

  • Expert witness deposition and testimony

Providing these specialized services allows our clients to tap into our team’s knowledge base and “real world” industry experience from our Team's decades of having worked for the largest Fortune 500 waste management & recycling firms in North America.

Waste Management Operational Experience
Litigation related to waste management operations, landfills, transfer stations, truck transportation, recycling and environmental matters in general, has grown at a rapid pace over the past two decades, as businesses and government agencies have come under greater scrutiny for their environmental practices, in turn facing potentially costly claims and lawsuits.

In response to this growing need for specialized Expert Witnesses in these areas, WIH Resource Group's team of experts is available to respond in filling the needs of clients who are either the plaintiff or defendant in cases.​

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