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Sample of Survey & Research Options

WIH Resource Group and its Strategic partners, offer complete quantitative and qualitative research services, excelling in the design of customized surveys and research approaches to meet specific client needs.  Over the years, the WIH Team has become adept at understanding the unique needs and issues of the broad spectrum of industries it serves.

Standard Project Work Scope and Process Flow 

Because needs typically vary among commercial, residential and multi-family, separate surveys are typically created.  The WIH Resource Group Project Team provides the following services:

• Survey design
• Computer setup and programming
• Database management of customer lists
• Generate random samples
• Conduct telephone interviews

• Residential
• Commercial Businesses
• Commercial Multi-Family
• Data entry and clean up
• Coding
• Proofing of verbatim comments (categorizing/coding)
• Generating data tables with salient cross-tabulations for each survey/program
• Database management of survey results for each separate program
• Analysis and written report
• Oral presentation of findings (if desired)

WIH Resource Group is open to modifying an alternative project approach and corresponding budget as part of the contracting process with our clients.

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Survey One

Option 1: Commercial Business Customer Surveys - Random sample of Business Owners:

In Commercial Option 1, telephone interviews would be completed among a random sample of business owners. The business owners would be selected randomly from the customer list to be provided by the client. In addition to the substantive survey questions relating to satisfaction and the recycling program, the survey will also include the demographic questions.  

Option 2: Commercial Business Customers - Random sample of Business Owners with an Oversample of select Larger Customers:

In this second commercial option, telephone interviews would again be completed among a random sample of business owners with an oversample of larger customers that are known to produce a higher amount of waste/recyclables. The oversample would include institutions such as public schools, colleges/universities, hospitals, large manufacturers, and retailers / retail complexes.

Standard Steps in Project Life Cycle

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Survey Two

Residential and Multi-Family Housing Complex Surveys - Survey of Property Owner and Managers:

WIH Resource Group Team will complete telephone interviews with each of the property owners and managers (for multifamily, those who have five or more housing units). Multiple callbacks will be made to complete interviews with all of the property owners listed by the client.  

OPTIONAL – Focus Group Research Option:

In addition to conducting telephone interviews, WIH offers the option of conducting focus groups among selected commercial / business customers and selected property owners or residents / tenants. Qualitative in nature, focus groups offer a much more in-depth discussion of the issues that are to be addressed in the telephone surveys.