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WIH's Alternative Fuels and Green Fleets Services

Fleet Feasibility Studies and Analysis

WIH Resource Group will provide a comprehensive study of your current fleet makeup,  fueling characteristics, duty cycles and work applications, operations and maintenance practices, combined with an analysis of existing regional alternative fuel resources and clean air considerations. WIH will find the most cost-effective ways to incorporate alternative fuels & vehicles into your existing fleet, and help you expand your green profile going forward.  These reports are referred to as Feasibility Studies or Fleet Evaluations. 

Fleet Conversions
Clean Fuel Studies: Analyzing annual fuel usage, existing or potential in-house fueling, fueling patterns, and determining the easiest way to bring in clean fuel options.

Creating a Policy for Your Department: Looking at organizational considerations, fleet vehicle makeup and options for increasing alternative fuel usage to create an internal guide for developing a green fleet.

Some of our services include:

  • Vehicle / Fleet Options 

  • Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Strategies

  • Light-Duty Fleet Composition

  • How to Use Biofuels

  • Project Development

  • Infrastructure Development Consulting

  • Saving Money and Clean Air Benefits

  • Green Shop Reviews

  • Green Maintenance Recommendations

  • Procurement and Bidding

  • Navigating Alternative Fuel Tax Credits for Both Taxable and Non-Taxable Organizations

  • Public Relations/Press Releases/Websites

  • Fleet Maintenance Facility Modifications

  • Engineering / Design Consulting

  • Procurement Assistance